Wholesale Fuel

Lewis & Raulerson, Inc. has been a wholesale distributor for over 83 years, supplying light products, distillates and lubricants (Shell, Sunoco and Private Label). 

Our light products include BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Marathon, Shell, Sunoco, and Texaco to over 200 dealers in 4 states.  Lewis and Raulerson, Inc. has transports stationed in Albany, Bainbridge, Macon, Waycross, Savannah, and Jacksonville. 

With a fleet of 15 trucks and 22 drivers scattered throughout these fueling points, Lewis and Raulerson offers you the competitive advantage of being able to buy the right product at the right price. 

Why Choose Lewis & Raulerson, Inc.

In today’s competitive marketplace, fuel pricing is volatile.  Not only does fuel pricing change constantly, but it can change radically from one day to the next or even mid-day changes.  There are also significant price differentials that exist from one fueling terminal to another.  These variables will include deep water terminals versus pipeline terminals.  Other variables will include the supplier available in each marketplace and the competitive environment of that marketplace. In other words, to be an effective and efficient purchaser of fuel, you must look at each one of these locations on a daily basis in order to determine where the most cost effective product is located.  Also, you must consider the common carrier’s freight rates from that location to you location.  You must have a history of product availability from each location.

Fleet Department

Lewis and Raulerson, Inc. has a dispatch department that is trained to look for the “best buy” on a daily basis for each customer.  Our dispatchers will search the marketplace for the lowest cost available fuel and then look at delivery costs to determine the most economical terminal to purchase your fuel.

Connie Cofield

Business Development Manager, AL

Connie Cofield

Sales, etc.

Our Sales Team has decades of experience in the fuel industry.  Our goal is to help each customer solve their fuel needs.  We pride ourselves on being the best petroleum supplier in the Southeastern United States.

Bill Raulerson

CEO / Brand Manager, GA, FL, & SC

Bill Raulerson