Friendly Express, Inc.

Friendly Express, Inc. can trace its origins back to Lewis Oil Company. The first venture into the convenience store business was a small store on the outskirts of Waycross known as Shell Express. Grady Lewis and Bill Raulerson partnered together to purchase the location in 1989. From those humble beginnings, Grady Lewis was able to grow the business into a thirteen store chain by 1996. The company aquired several other convenience store chains during the 1990s, including Sunrise Foods, the Georgia Lil’ Champ locations, and Friendly Marts. Eventually, Shell Express gave way to Friendly Express, Inc. Today, Friendly operates forty-two locations in southeast Georgia.

Your Family Friendly Store

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Lewis and Raulerson Carrier Group, LLC

Lewis and Raulerson Carrier Group, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lewis and Raulerson, Inc. Lewis and Raulerson Carrier Group, LLC. is committed to safety, timely delivery, and product guarantee. We have trucks stationed in Albany, Bainbridge, Waycross, Savannah, and Jacksonville. With a fleet of 15 trucks and 22 drivers scattered throughout these fueling points, Lewis & Raulerson offers you the competitive advantage of being able to buy the right product at the right price. Our dispatch department is on call 24/7 to help you with all your petroleum needs.

Petroleum Services Group

PSG is your one stop shop for construction, installation, repair, and environmental needs. It was first formed to maintain Friendly Express stores in the late 1990’s. As each company grew, the need for maintaining petroleum equipment and new construction grew as well. PSG was incorporated in 2002 and now provides quality petroleum services throughout the Southeast. Their on-site Environmental Department can help you ensure that any storage tank issue is resolved in the appropriate manner and in accordance with all state, local and municipal guidelines.

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