Proprietary Fleet Fueling Card Program

FueLoc, a division of Lewis & Raulerson, Inc., provides fleet fueling services to commercial business and government entities. With its main office in Waycross, Georgia.

FueLoc Control

The FueLoc accounting system will reduce your costs.

By using one fuel and service providers, bookkeeping and clerical costs are reduced.

FueLoc eliminates the unnecessary handling of paperwork, verifying, sorting, and posting stacks of receipts and hard to read charge slips.

Your drivers no longer have to handle cash.

Custom business and tax reporting.

FueLoc Locations

FueLoc has many locations in Georgia. Please use the map to find a location near you.


Friendly Express locations which accept FueLoc are identified by a blue icon on the map and other FueLoc partnership locations are displayed with a red icon.

FueLoc Security

4-6 digit personal identity numbers are encoded onto each card. The card reader requires each card user to input that number before charging the fuel. It also checks the choices your driver has made restricting fuel types and other products which can be purchased for even greater security. This helps you identify and eliminate pilferage and misuse. Every transaction is electronically verified for security so if a card is lost or stolen, it can be immediately locked out.

FueLoc Manager

Lydia Varnes manages the FueLoc program with broad understanding of our customer’s needs. Lydia has over twenty years’ experience in the Transportation, Safety, and Energy Industries. Working extensively with customers to provide the very best solutions for their Fleet fueling needs.

How do I become a FueLoc customer?

It is with pleasure that Lewis & Raulerson, Inc., is able to provide your company with the FueLoc fleet fueling advantage.

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