Commercial Fuel – Lubricants

Lewis & Raulerson, Inc.’s Commercial Fuel & Lubricant department
markets world-class premier brands of lubricants which are available on the market today.
With the convenience of a 5,000 square foot warehouse on-site at Lewis & Raulerson, Inc., product is always available and deliveries can be immediately scheduled.

Our Team

Understanding that experienced and technically knowledgeable support personnel are just as important as the lubricant product, we have built a staff with several decades of field-based industrial application, operating, problem solving, and analytical experience. Our lubrication group provides products and services to improve equipment reliability leading to maximum operating output.  Our Commercial Fuel & Lubricant teams consist of (2) Business Development Managers (GA) that sell consumer, transport, and light industrial.  We have (2) for industrial – (1) sales engineer and (1) lubrication engineer (mechanical engineer degree in training) for the states of AL, FL, GA, and SC.  Our distribution team includes (2) in our warehouse and (2) drivers.  We also have (2) for Jacksonville – consumer and transport.  In addition, we have a lubrication engineer (consultant) with over 30 years’ experience (ExxonMobil).


As a Shell Oil distributor we offer a full line of Shell hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and greases. We also offer Sunoco and our Private Label for you in quarts, gallons, drums, bulk greases or bulk deliveries.  Through our partnership with Bioblend Renewable Resources LLC, we offer readily biodegradable lubricants which also include hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and greases.

Technical Support Services

As proper and efficient product application is critical to our customer’s operation, we have developed a technical support program supported by Shell Oil that includes:

  • Proper product assessment, application and consolidation
  • Oil analysis including on-site sampling, 3rd party lab analysis, results evaluation and recommendation
  • Real time, on site field testing to enable timely response in emergency situation
  • Consultation and support with contamination prevention, control and remediation