"Integrity Driven...Service Powered"

At Lewis and Raulerson, Inc. our tagline is "Integrity Driven . . . Service Powered." This is more than just a marketing phrase, this is our business model. Over the last seventy years, we have learned that we are no better than the service that is provided by our employees. This starts with the fuel delivery driver all the way to the employee that prepares a customer invoice and to our executive leadership team. Our hiring philosophy is simple; we try to hire the very best people in the job market. In order to do that we must offer competitive wages and attractive benefit packages. We pride ourselves on the team of professionals that we have assembled to service our customer's needs.

If you have a desire to be part of an organization that not only believes in winning, but also believes in winning with you, we encourage you to apply with our company. If you have a strong desire to be involved in a company that believes that a company can grow and be profitable while maintaining traditional values and principles, we invite you to apply for employment with us.

Lewis and Raulerson, Inc and its affiliates are proud to be a drug free work place and an equal opportunity employer.

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